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Kaart - Card WINTERROSE (+enveloppe)

Kaart - Card WINTERROSE (+enveloppe)

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(Voor Nederlands: check de taalknop onderaan deze pagina.)

The message itself is simple, but behind the words lies a gentle invitation to connect with them again and again.

The card can be comforting.
The card can be empowering.
The card can bring softness where hardening occurred.
The card can bring hope.
The card can be a reminder of the immeasurable field of Love from which we emerged.
The card can inspire.

The gray-white Edelweiss flowers form a hedge around 12 hearts. 
Edelweiss symbolizes Courage and Love. 
12 is the number of the heart chakra, just as the colors green and red are connected to this 4th chakra.

The energy of the card is very vibrant, almost sizzling… 
That was not the case initially.  The very first colors and shapes (in the middle, the deep dark green) radiated a certain calmth, which gradually expanded into a lightness and almost festive energy.  
Love may also be celebrated, in all its manifestations.

May this card fill you and its recipients with intense joy in your hearts.  
You can add a personal message to the card when you send it.
But you can also meditate on the image and let the energy of the image flow into your heart as medicine. 

Love is everywhere and always present and available if we let ourselves be touched in our hearts.  The Love we feel for ourselves may also flow freely and be rememberd.  This card is happy to help with that.

Square format/double folded: 120x120mm
Envelope is false square which is useful for shipping rates.
Fine Art Paper Tintoretto Gesso 300g/m²

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