About my other projects

I was that girl who opened her room window and sang songs to the whole street when there was a festivity in the city. 
That girl who made up a tune every minute and every second of the day, for the flowers and bugs on her path.
Today is a little different, but it brings me an equally great joy.
As a singer I am regularly allowed to “enlighten” the special moments in the lives of others.  Sometimes they are moments of goodbye.  Sometimes they are moments of joy.
Together with my musical partner Luk De Deckers I have been able to shape a few projects that are very dear to me in recent years.
Music is vibration.  Being allowed to be part of, to contribute to the creation of that vibration, is an incredibly grateful affair, which leaves us far from unmoved, on the contrary.
I would like to leave some impressions of the musical collaborations that I am part of.
Feel free to contact us for any of your musical questions. 
We’d be delighted to be of service.