About my writings...

A few years ago, I experienced a very difficult period in my life.  That time was the beginning of a turning point; something that had been announcing itself for some time, but everything seemed to be waiting for my jump.  And that jump first meant a movement inwards before I could continue.  One of the ways to channel what I encountered there, was to write it off.  I kept a diary, I wrote lyrics for songs, poetry… and over time all these loose ideas came together in a kind of puzzle, a story…
Together with two very talented musicians, we reworked this story into a musical fairy tale with the title “Butterfly me”. 
It was during that period that I discovered the joy of writing and was able to experience what it did to me almost daily. 
Working with words is a bit like choosing colors; when I write, I consciously choose certain sounds, letters, letterclusters that repeat themselves, combinations, vagueness or clarity…  Nothing comes on paper by chance.  I love to describe, to build an atmosphere around something and to get lost with words in fantasized but almost sensoric perceptible world.
There may be a book coming some day.
But for now I am happy and grateful for the small and large opportunities that I discover or get offered along the road and which are a gift for my heart and right hand that I can dive into regularly.
Last year, the desire to write, led to a collaboration with “Bloom Magazine”.
I am happy to share some links below to articles that I wrote.
Feel free to email me via the contact page if my style appeals to you and let me know if I can contribute to your project.  I’d be happy to write for you too.