Moongatherings General

Working with the energy of the moon is a special way to reconnect with the natural forces of the cosmos and our earth.  There’s really nothing fancy about it, quite the contrary.  The moon watches over us.  She has her own way of influencing us, but also all other life here on earth is.
This is something we can notice throughout her cycle.

The two most important lunar moments in that cycle are, of course, Full Moon and New Moon.

Undoubtedly you also feel the poswer of the moon that is present around those days and that specifically causes the feelings of unrest at Full Moon.
That restlessness resounds like an echo from the deeper layers of our being.
The moon symbolically reflects everything that is present in our unconscious, that is invisible and dwells in the shadow.
Due to the dynamic of the sun, the moon and the planets, those unconscious layers are awakened and stimulated.
In this way, each month we receive a cosmic invitation to bring certain themes into the light, integrate more and move beyond the turmoil into the soft field of embrace.

The moongatherings of Full Moon and New Moon will take place at my home, in Wondelgem.  We make a circle and in the middle of that circle an altar is formed that is nourished by everyone’s input: words, personal objects, herbs, flowers etc.  Every gathering is a moment of slowing down and consciously connecting with the cosmic rhythm in which the Moon Mother proceeds us.
I love to meet you in the circle.

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