Individual Coaching

There are many reasons why a drawing moment with individual guidance can be beneficial.  I will name some…

*Maybe you run into things; certain themes keep coming back in your life, paralyzing you in your activities, or in part of it.

*Maybe you feel restless; your energy is rushed and indefinable, you have a short fuse and there is a threat of an eruption.

*Perhaps you long for a chat, a safe place for your story, a proverbial cocoon in which you can speak freely and express yourself.


There are probably more reasons…


It is often a big step to seek help.

And perhaps it will not end in 1 place, but you will encounter more then 1 inn on the way where you want to stay safe for a while.


I would be happy to be there for your story.

And maybe because of that presence, some light can come back to you.

Perhaps the noise and confusion in your experience may soften or even disappear.

Maybe you can rediscover your inner strength because of this.

I would be happy to support you in that process.

Know that the solution already shimmers in your being.

That only the light is a little too obscured to find the way.


Feel free to contact me by email or telephone.  (Contact page)

I usually schedule the individual counseling on Monday morning, or Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.