About me & Moonmoments

The most essential way to introduce myself is to take you by the hand and make a journey in time to the garden where I spent my childhood.
You could find me there in the undergrowth, mesmerized by the life of the little creepy crawlies, covered in the scent of low-hanging lilacs.
In the tall grass, among the long wispy stalks of dandelions and modest clumps of forteg-me-nots, fantasizing songs with endless stanzas about the clouds, the trees, the flowers and the mosquitoes dancing in the evening sky.
Or you could find me at the little chapel at the back of the garden, which overlooked the vegetable garden which, drenched in sun gold in summer at dusk, was the backdrop behind which the moon appeared.
The special memories of that time of magic and wonder meander like a thread of inspiration and hope through life that unfolded rather defiantly as I left this beautiful safe haven behind me.


For a long time I have been researching with playful curiosity the field of the many Ancient Traditions in which our Ancestors moved.  I seek and discover answers in the rich symbolism of Western Astrology, Shamanism, mythical stories from different cultures and Jungian Psychoanalysis.

Diverse education, an inspiring bookcase, and my personal experiences have to this day silenced and satisfied my fundamental hunger for a deeper understanding of the Greater Forces that surround us.

Moonmoments arose a few years ago from this desire for originality and mystical experience.
With Moonmoments I litterally create “moments” that coincide with the highs of the lunar cycle.
Moments to slow down in a world that moves at lightning speed.
Moments to restore contact with yourself and our collective origin.
Moments to calm the busy hum of our thoughts.

In addition to these special “moon moments” i also like to share the creations that arise on this path.  They gladly take you to a parallel world full of symbolism, a world that closely matches the archetypal field of our being.  Each drawing tells a story that I am happy to tell you.  You can discover these stories in the Shop.

I was born in the fall, when the trees shed their leaves and all the old life surrenders tot he earth to serve as food fort he new life that sprouts a few months later.
I revive in the fall when the wind gets stronger in these months and pulls on the trees.  Not because I like the bare branches, but because I feel surrounded by something bigger.  So large that it is almost unnameable, but nevertheless takes us into a continuous cycle of transformation.
Miraculous things happen on the trail of that constant transformation and renewal in nature.  For me they are a source of inspiration...  For writings, drawings, music and moments of profound togetherness.

I hope my “sparkles” may inspire you too.

Floor xxx