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Kaart - Card FEMALE ENERGY (+enveloppe)

Kaart - Card FEMALE ENERGY (+enveloppe)

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The almond-shaped cross-section of two intertwined circles is a common symbol throughout history and cultures. .  A symbol that also strongly resonates with the female vulva.  

The fact that I absolutely wanted to do something with this symbol was also surprising, challenging, exciting and fascinating for me.   The drawing gradually unfolded into an explosion of colors and many other symbols that in their own way made the written and unwritten messages that come with this card even wider, broader and deeper.

The Mandorla is a symbol of creation, also a gateway between two worlds: on the one hand a world of unity and on the other hand a world of duality (two circles) in which meeting is possible.   When we are born as humans, we enter this world through this gate, as bearers of that original spark.  We face the challenge of continuing to feel and enter into the connection with our originality throughout the encounter with the other person.  An originality that chose to make itself visible through us here in this world and thus get to know itself.  

For me personally, the image is a reminder of the Spark within myself.   But also an invitation to be Body for that Light. Even if it pushes me out of my comfort zone.  

The serpent (ourobouros)/dragon sleeps enfolding the gate between the two worlds.  Protective and purifying, together with the water that is abundantly present and is a nod to flow and movement and therefore also resonant with the time in which our journey here on earth tekes place.

The drawing recalls the originality and the desire to “shape”.  The card encourages us to discover our creative possibilities.  She invites us to explore: to come closer to ourselves and to live this more concretely.  

Square format/double folded: 120x120mm
Envelope is false square which is useful for shipping rates.
Fine Art Paper Tintoretto Gesso 300g/m²

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