De Flipperkast

The Pinball machine

As if my whole being was in earthquake mode.  
The image of the Pinball machine that I presented in a newsletter a few weeks ago.  
All the lights flickering in fireworks colors around me.  
The feeling that I didn’t know anymore.

A few days ago it was exactly like that.

Every month, in the constructive energy towards Full Moon, I receive on a golden tray with a loud wink from above, the invitation to live up to everything I tell here and to apply it to myself.

It seemed time for a bit of silence.
Time to slow down and zoom out to get a clear picture of what was going on.
Time to make room to hear that familiar and deep inner voice with the most important question for that moment: what is needed…
What did I need?
I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper during the inner conversation that resulted from that question.
All the way down to the pain point.
The bruise.
The theme that was extensively touched by a few situations in the days before and where I initially looked for all the causes in my environment.
So human.
But also so disempowering to myself.

In recent years I have extensively tested these and similar processes against the light of the Lunar Cycle.
My personal processes that is.
Over time I noticed that there was indeed a connection between what I experienced and what the cosmic themes of that moment revolved around.  These topics are discussed in detail in several books currently on the market, but I wanted to find out for myself how it actually worked.
Gradually, I personally felt a kind of invitation that resounded between the lines form the universe to learn to look at it and to grow through it all.

However, the layers on which these processes take place are much more subtle than what can be found in the available books and resources.
But it fascinates me.

The Pinball machine (and I consciously capitalize it, because I also experience that image as a magical moment that can cause a turnaround) symbolizes a point-of-no-return.  It is the moment that you feel that something is not right, that you get stuck on something.  It is also the point in which you should not continue to palpate about what is opposing in the outside world.
The Pinball machine forces you to sit at the bottom of the box.  
Your box.

And if I remember the Pinball machines of yesteryear enough, those lights will continue to dance for a while while your ball rolls down. 
Often you also get this great machine-like tune that confirms the failure you just went through.
I like to bring in some humor, but I know from my own experience that this humor usually doesn’t work at that moment.  At least not in the emotional context for which I use the Pinball image.

Anyway, back to the box down there.

I have experienced there is a gift to be found there.  And that we ourselves are responsible for discovering that gift and retrieving the piece that we have lost, that “something” we actually need.  

And that is exactly where the lunar cycle can help you.

If you want.

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