Full Moon

The unrest we feel at Full Moon has to do with the dynamics between Sun and Moon at that moment.  A field of tension arises between 2 poles, which can be traced back from the knowledge of Western Astrology to specific themes that are linked to the signs of the zodiac and their resonating planets.

The Full Moon Circle is built around these themes, but I am also abundantly inspired by the ideas, symbols and rituals from the Celtic Druidic Tradition.


The Full Moon Circle is not a women’s circle, but a place for everyone.

You are welcome with your stories and with your silence; there is always a moment of sharing and I also take you monthly on a meditative journey to the Moon Mother.

We make time for a gratitude ritual and we always sing together, accompanied by drum or harmonium.

This moonmoment supports your process inward and helps you to silence the noice of your thoughts. 


Participation price:

15 euros per person

Bring your pillow and/or mat.

Put on comfortable clothes.

Be yourself.

Registration and tickets via email: info@moonmoments.be

Minimum 6, maximum 8 participants.

Dates: xx