New Moon

At New Moon we symbolically step into the creation and manifestation flow of the lunar cycle.  We literally start drawing and coloring, to express what is already present internally, to our deeper desires and longings.  C.G. Jung’s pioneering work in this context in the last century is invaluable, but unfortunately still unknown to so many people.


Drawing is often a barrier.  Therefore a little explanation, because we are not going to “just” draw.  There is an ancient symbol in which our deeper being feels very much at home: the mandala.  This symbol magically opens the doors of the unconscious layers of our personality, making us receptive to what lies deep within us and is ready to show itself.  Mandala drawing also offers a wonderful framework to achieve beautiful end results without technical drawing skills

The process of drawing and coloring a mandala is nourishing and healing and quiets our minds.  A silence that is comparable to what you can experience in meditation.  Your attention is focused on the creative process.


Be sure to bring this material:

àa compass, drawing pencil, eraser, drawing triangle and long bar.

àGood coloring pencils


Participation fee:

22 euros per person

Registration & ticket via email:

Minimum 3, maximum 4 participants.